Spirit’s Evolution

Spirit’s Evolution

Spirit’s Evolution is a large (90”x36”) 3-panel painting or triptych that looks at the evolution of mankind’s relationship with nature. For most of man’s history humans developed as nature developed, subject to all the laws and rhythms of the natural world.  The connection to the earth was deep, natural, spiritual and practical.

In recent history, humans have developed the ability to master and control many aspects of the natural world, often separating from the rhythms and balances of nature’s laws.  The isolation and separation that comes with the quest to control nature and never to experience its discomforts often leaves us unfulfilled, experiencing fears and emptiness.

Many of us have the opportunity and power to listen and connect to the natural world.  We can let it fulfill us and then work to live connected to its laws and rhythms.  It is huge challenge that can be met step by step.  In the end nature and it’s laws will be fine; it is up to us whether allow ourselves to incorporate this natural part of ourselves into our brief time here on earth.

Check in the gallery on my website for a larger version of this painting where you can see the detail.  There is quite a bit of story in the details.


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