In Jan. Feb. and March I will be teaching and mentoring in Tulum, Mexico.  One or two  students will work with me in my studio on the beach.  Get in touch if you are interested in painting in Paradise.  Instruction and all materials will be between $50 and $60 a day,  depending on material use and a few other variables.  Materials in Mexico can be a challenge to obtain. Half days will be possible for  $35.  Contact me by email or phone.


If anybody is interested in helping me organize a workshop anywhere or sponsoring one in your town, please contact me.

Intuitive Painting Experience – This is a course designed to promote the experience of creativity. Using the brilliant colours of acrylic paint in an encouraging non-judgemental environment, students will taste the joy of intuitive painting and have the opportunity to go deep into their own well of creativity. This course is for people of all levels of experience, the artistic, the ‘non-artistic’ and for those who want to create without the pressure to perform or succeed. For beginners this is an opportunity to start a relationship with painting by experiencing the joy and energy of creating. For experienced artists, it is a chance to break out of patterns, to refresh a relationship with creativity.
The potential of this course is to go on a journey of self discovery, learn to trust intuition and deepen the passion for life.

Inspiration and Idea Development – Standing in front of the canvas, paintbrush in hand, is a strong invitation for inspiration. In this course students will learn tools that get them in front of the canvas with full hearts and an enthusiasm to express their unique selves.
Intuitive Painting will be reviewed plus students will be introduced to a number of brainstorming idea development techniques which will take them deeper into their own creative thought processes.

Building a Painting – This course focusses on techniques used by Ted Wallace to “build a painting.” A number of acrylic mediums will be presented including layering, collaging, texture and other building techniques. This course however offers much more than technical information. There will be review and some instruction in intuitive painting as well as inspiration and idea development.
“Super fun!” “Exciting” “Totally enjoyable” “More!”

Creative Mandalas . Suitable for all ages from teenagers thru adults. Participants will be introduced to a variety of drawing and painting materials which can be mixed and mashed to create a number of unconventional and interesting effects.  Using this variety of materials, students will explore their creativity and work to find their own unique expression while examining and celebrating the tradition of mandalas.



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  1. Hi Ted,

    I am quite interested in your mandala workshop and was hoping to get details such as where it will be located, cost and supplies required, if any.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!


    1. I just found out that my emails weren’t forwarding from the webite. So sorry not to respond earlier. i am in the middle of the mandala workshop. Sorry. Maybe you could come to intuitive painting workshop in Sept. Please email at

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