Ted Wallace

My most recent international exhibition was a great visionary art project in Italy.  Visionary art was selected from all around the world and displayed in an event in Genova, Italy.  I was the the Canadian artist selected for this show.

A very beautiful video was produced from the show.  Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ghKE54COfw


I have recently been included in two international websites:

Full Circle Project, a networking site connecting people to create a positive future.  They used an image and some of my writing in the Art of Life section.



I was recently included in the international art website; Widewalls.  It is a site that includes ground breaking artists and established, often famous artists.    I was included in the Psychedelic Artists to alter Your Sound Mind.  It includes a very nice little write up.  It also shows beautiful Galleries all around the world.

Psychedelic Artists to Alter Your Sound Mind


Ted WallaceBiography and Artist’s Statements

Ted Wallace is an artist and a recently retired high school teacher who lives with his wife, Janet, on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. Ted studied Art at the University of Calgary and graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 1972. For a 10 minute interview with the artist click here.

Artist’s Statement
I am fortunate to be hitting the phase of my life where I get to spend more and more time in my studio. Our children are grown up, my wife, Janet is growing her weaving business, the house is finished and I am teaching adult courses part time. So I get to spend time painting my thoughts, my discoveries and my stories. This is a completely enriching experience where I intensely feel a full range of emotions. It is good work with continual rewards of exhilaration and a feeling of being deeply human. I offer these works as part of my process; nothing more, nothing less.

Some thoughts and quotes:
“I try to work from deeper experiences where thoughts and feelings are not yet bound in words, but sensed through inner vision and feeling.”
“When I draw and paint I feel like I am tuning into a story. I follow my fascinations; internal connections are made and ideas are explored.”
Some of the fascinations that I have recently explored are:
Everyday gods – the divinity of everyday tasks and processes such as work, relationships, raising children, play, serving, caring and enjoying it all.
Sheilds – shields as symbol gatherers giving strength to our relationship with the earth, each other and ourselves.
Creativity – our internal creator goes to work.
– creativity as a feminine power.
Transformation – everything is turning into the next thing, even me.
Celebration – remembering to experience the glory of it all.
“Despite a preoccupation with spirit and light, I seem to spend most of life grounded in everyday work and play. My joy is remembering the connection of these two aspects of life. Art is a great reminder.”

Contact:  wallace.ted@gmail.com   250 225 3484