Relationships in Time -a painting from the archives

Relationships in Time.  A painting out of the archives

This painting is based on a dream image.  The strongest impression came from the interlocking lines.  I do not analyze my dreams, but I do listen to them.  They give me impressions, ideas and thoughts that seem like memories.  As I thought about this dream I sensed that relationships are the entwining of timeless threads.

Like any other type of consciousness there is a time when we are aware and having an experience in our lives.  If we experience that moment deeply it seems connected to an endless thread or network that moves it’s way through space and time.

As I contemplated and enjoyed these thoughts, I thought about all the relationships we experience.  Some relationships bound or tie us to another until we feel very little separation.  This can be a lover, a friend, someone we move through an arc of time with. It can also be an animal.  Even after the death of an animal or person with whom we have traveled a distance through life; the journey continues.  Forever seems a very real concept in a deep relationship.

2 thoughts on “Relationships in Time -a painting from the archives

  1. Find what you write as well as your paintings, Ted, so inspirational. The words and paintings resonate deep within my poetic being. Thanks for being faithful to your muse….Kathleen

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