Freedom to Worship, Freedom from Worship


Freedom to Worship, Freedom from Worship


This painting is about tolerance, thinking about what helps people live deep, rich and meaningful lives.

Mr. Yum stands in the doorway of his corner store: “ A mosque in our town, Imagine.  All of the people in the neighborhood are patching some kind of meaning into their lives; Christians, yogis, thinkers, artists, writers, meditators and who knows what else.  Some people are doing their best just not to think about it; just going about their business.  Where does it all go; the thoughts, the myths, the beliefs and the hopes?  Well as long as everybody is polite, gives the grocery man a smile and doesn’t hurt anybody, it’s alright, I guess.”

-The wind is an agent of change, a transformer.

-Some people let the wind move them, spending time in transformation, opening, feeling and finding new points of view.  They can return to their lives richer, working to live more deeply, often finding others who share common language and experience.

-In this painting the wind is full of mythological symbols: spirits, dragons, a white bearded God, angels and birds.

-People fly kites for the pure joy of feeling the power of the wind.



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