The Shadow of A City

 The Shadow of A City is the beginning of a series that juxtaposes cities with nature in a variety of ways.  It is a non judgmental comment on our relationship with the earth.  As we have become 7 billion beings, largely gathered in urban centres, it is easy to view humans as a cancer on the earth.  Or maybe we are a natural step in the evolution of this planet.  It is possible that the power of nature that created the beauty of this planet has the power and influence to bring things in to balance.  For me this beauty and power is to be celebrated, even worshipped, yet I am a part of the species that is changing the face of nature, of the earth itself.  As nature brings things in to balance it may be very painful to mankind and to the idea of our own power.  I do not make the judgement that we are a good or bad part of nature.  I do think a little reflection on our situation, a little awareness and a little humiiity could go along way.


3 thoughts on “The Shadow of A City

  1. Awareness and humility: these seem the best we, as humans, can bring forward. Because whatever is going on, it’s way bigger than our concepts, ideas, judgements or apathy. And yet…we are a part, not apart, and the quality of the role we play makes a difference.

    1. Well said, Alanda. I often sense that there is so much more than i can ever understand, but every time I inch my way in to an expanded vision I have an experience of elation and energy. A lot of fun, actually.

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