Merging with Reflection

Merging with Reflection

 There is a myth that the Raven was fascinated by it’s reflection and  stared at it with intense concentration.  At one point the Raven and the reflection merged and changed places.  The Raven lived in its reflection and the reflection lived in the world.



Reflection is an aspect of meditation. For me, there is magic and mystery to be explored through meditation.  It is a process of looking at one’s self and seeing deeper and deeper into that self.  My experience is that after digging through the layers of thoughts and ideas that form our concept of self, I often get to a place where the boundaries between my self and the world blur.  I feel connected, expanded and the world I live in takes on new depth and possibilities.

In meditation inner and outer worlds often merge.  The distinction between these worlds is less clear, they entwine, cross over and effect each other.  This is an enriching process.





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