Limitless Paths, Limitless Soul


 Limitless Paths, Limitless Soul 


This painting is all about the different and personal  paths that people take to find and build a relationship with their Soul.  All words around this deep and central part of us are loaded with preconceptions and it is up to each of us to find a language that best describes our relationship with our deepest self.  For this painting Soul describes the light, the consciousness, the love, but mostly it is a recognition that each of us has that deep and pure center and treks along a path to find and know personal peace and truth.


The main idea that I thought about during this painting was tolerance.  How do we look deeply into others to see the most human and fine part of them?  It seems we are all clumsy to varying degrees in our approach to our souls and we must allow each other to stumble along our paths.


People find and develop their relationship with soul in different ways.  We are taught ways to live, rules and ideas that honor the soul.  Some people have epiphanies, consciousness shifts or enlightenment moments that compel them to walk towards their soul.  Despite moments of clarity each of us must work each day to understand and live lives that honor our truth.  We all have limitations, we all make many mistakes and we use our lives to learn.  We must allow each other to be clumsy trekkers along our personal paths, celebrating difference and uniqueness. sharing each bit of progress and hope as we learn to live in love.


2 thoughts on “Limitless Paths, Limitless Soul

  1. Hey, Ted – don’t see any clumsiness at all in this painting. It’s beautiful everywhere. Maybe the same is true for what I call clumsiness in my day to day life. What if all of it is just beautiful?

  2. hi Alanda I think it might all be beautiful, especially when the effort is sincere and mistakes are handled with humility and humour. If we dig into our defensiveness and arrogance, it seems like a lot more work to find the beauty.

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