The Natural Law of Seeking Balance

The Natural Law of Seeking Balance

This is one of the series of paintings that I did in Mexico this winter.

It is about how the laws of consciousness or the deep inner workings of humanity mirror the laws of nature.  Nature is always seeking balance.  In the natural world when things become extreme life is threatened.  The power of life finds ways to neutralize or balance extremes. The gaia principle examines how the earth and it’s living parts act like one large organism seeking health and survival.

When we are aware and listening to our deepest thoughts and feelings we are compelled to touch and share with each other in search of balance.  The deepest drive of  those who are experiencing darkness, pain or suffering is to seek relief and healing.  Those who are experiencing love and light are compelled to reach out to those who are experiencing separation.  The essence of this balance is compassion.  The place where we touch is love.

In the realm of consciousness none of us can be free while some are imprisoned.  A compassionate world is not one where we deny pain and suffering but have the courage to embrace and transform it with our effort, care and love.


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