Man and Animal

Man and Animal

I thought about 3 types of relationships that we have with animals.  We love them and live with them. They are a cure for our loneliness and a route to our hearts.  Through domestication we have working relationships with animals; they labour for us, provide with food and are our partners in survival.  The third type of relationship is based in fear where we recognize animals as wild, out of control and dangerous.  This is a painting of many stories and I find it interesting and fun to ask kids to tell the stories they see in it.

The visual aspect of this painting is an exploration of what is on the edge of our vision. We see things out of the corner of our eye and often sense a presence or light or something that disappears when we turn and give it our focused vision.  I always feel that there is much to be sensed in the vague shadows of our vision.  Sometimes it feels like extrasensory perceptions or seeing what is normally imperceptible.  No matter where we turn our eyes there is a vastness beyond our vision that has an effect on us


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  1. I love getting your painting stories. Very inspirational! Had to go back to the art gallery page to see the painting big enough to see what you’re talking about. Keep up the good work and thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

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