Most of my paintings are more like chapter books than posters.   They may be a little slower to make an impression but with a little time the many thoughts and ideas behind become more visible.  It is not necessary to see or understand all of the ideas and stories that I have involved myself in while painting them, but it is my hope that people find their own stories and entertain their own ideas as they spend time with the painting.  For many years I would not give any hint of my stories and ideas beyond the title because I hoped people would find their own way in to the paintings.  At one show in a government gallery I was asked to give a talk about the paintings.  I noticed that explaining where I was coming from in a painting gave many people a way in and a place to start their relationship.  Since then I have been more open to sharing at least an idea or two about the work. In this Painting Stories section I will share a few thoughts about the work.  It is still my hope that viewers expand on these ideas as they hang out with each painting.

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